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Courses enhance skills and broaden understanding, paving the way for practical application and successful implementation in real-world scenarios

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Georgia Tech - Introduction to Electronics

Absorbed vital electronics fundamentals like diodes, transistors, and op amps during the seven-module course.

 University of Michigan- Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

This course equipped me with essential negotiation strategies, analysis techniques, and psychological tools. Practice negotiations have honed my skills, revealing strengths and areas for improvement. I'm now well-prepared to succeed in any negotiation.

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IBM AI for Everyone: Master the Basics

This course consists of 4 modules. In this course, I learnt what AI is and understand its applications and use cases and how it is transforming our lives. This Course includes basic AI concepts including machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks as well as use cases and applications of AI.

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ISRO & IIRS - Space Science & Technology

Space Science and Technology course was conducted by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. This was a total 10 hours online video session from 6 June to 5 July. It was certified course through IIRS Learning Management System Portal.

IBM Robotics Process Automation

IBM Robotic Process Automation is a 5-module based self-paced Course. The course explains the functions of IBM RPA. I understood the various Robotic Process Automation components, complete basic administration, and  the use and application of commands.

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ISRO & IIRS - Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Studies course was conducted by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. This was 2 live sessions a day from 26 July to 30 July. It was 5-day certified course through IIRS Learning Management System Portal.

CBSE, Intel & Digital India - AI for All

‘AI For All’ is a self-learning online program designed to raise public awareness about Artificial Intelligence. The program is divided into two sections: AI Aware and AI Appreciate and includes: understanding of AI & it’s applications, knowledge of the key domains of AI -Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Statistical Data; their impact on various industries, AI Ethics and the principles of responsible AI.

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Stanford - Intoduction to Internet Of Things

In this Course, 6 Stanford Faculty Members deliver an overview of exciting and relevant technical areas essentials to professionals in the IoT Industry. The Couse includes 5 Modules based on IoT: Cool Application, Sensors, Embedded Systems, Networking and Circuits.

Google, Iab Europe & The Open University - The Fundamental of Digital Marketing

Google Digital Marketing course is Interactive Advertising Bureau accredited course. There are 26 modules that help understand Digital Marketing in terms of Search Engines, Search Marketing, Paid Advertising and Mobile Marketing to Analysis and beyond.

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TATA Consultancy Services iON - Accounting Fundamentals

TCS- Accounting Fundamentals is a 3 Module based Self-Paced Course. The Course includes basic concepts of accounting, double entry system, accounting assumption, principles and overview of financial statements.

TATA Consultancy Services iON Career Edge - Young Professional Course

TCS iON Career Edge - Young Professional is a 15-day career preparedness course that has been designed with the intent to equip the youth of today with core employability skills to take on the future. Covering key behavioural & communication skills and foundational skills in Accounting, IT and Artificial Intelligence, the learning is delivered over 14 modules.

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Microsoft - Digital Literacy Certification

Digital Literacy Certification Test by Microsoft assess our ability to navigate our digital world using reading, writing, technical skills and Critical Thinking.

Elemento - Robotics and Software Course

This is a 3 Months spaced out Program, which guides from basic of Electronics and Robotics to Advanced Level. During the Program, we work on several hands-on project understanding electrical connections, motors, sensors, programming, logic and algorithm formation.

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