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Hello there! I'm Saksham Bansal, hailing from the vibrant city of Gurgaon, India. Embarking on my B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, I'm an avid tech enthusiast with a passion for innovation. I take pride in my organizational skills and love contributing to a tidy, efficient environment. Beyond circuits and code, I'm a seasoned competitor in events, a coin collector, and a subtle humorist. Transforming ideas into reality fuels my spirit. Committed to sustainability, I aim to pioneer eco-friendly solutions. Beyond the world of circuits and eco-friendly endeavors, I find balance and inspiration in the realms of art. Join me on this journey of initiation, innovation, and integration. Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology, creativity, and sustainability.

Future Goals

Short Term: Embrace academic excellence at Georgia Tech, engaging with coursework and collaborative projects. Actively participate in community service initiatives, cultivating diverse perspectives. Build meaningful connections through networking events and clubs, while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance with my creative hobbies.

Long Term: Aspire to lead in the realm of Electrical Engineering, merging technological prowess with a commitment to environmental sustainability. Contribute to innovative projects that address global challenges, striving for professional excellence. Aim to give back to the educational community, mentoring future engineers and supporting initiatives fostering innovation and inclusivity. Continuously pursue personal growth, evolving both personally and professionally throughout my journey.

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