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Leadership is a highly esteemed position that requires not just guidance, but also setting an example. As a seasoned leader and effective team player, I have significantly enhanced my self-assurance, communicative abilities, and problem-resolution skills.

Found Stayive in 2021 that provides economical and easy to implement sustainability solutions by the means of IoT.


The Mission is to provide IoT based system, which makes the work functioning smooth and conserves the environment.


Secretary General - GEMS Model United Nations 2022

With the goal of fostering a strong school delegation and providing a platform for students with exceptional interests and capabilities, my team and I pioneered the inaugural GEMS Intra School Model United Nations (MUN). Over 50 students participated in this highly successful event.


Tech Secretary - Student Council 2022

As a member of a dynamic team, I represented my school at the Satyan Innovation Fest, where I was honored to be one of the top 5 contestants. I also played a pivotal role in the overall planning and coordination of school events, starting with the successful Student Council-organized Teachers' Day Celebration.

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Vice President - Interact Club 2021

As Vice-President of the Rotary Interact Club, I oversaw club operations and offered guidance to the Secretary in leading the club. On the 75th Independence Day, I initiated a Tree Plantation Drive in collaboration with the Interact Club, showing my commitment to environmental preservation.

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House Captain - Student Council 2019

Found Gadgenics in 2020, a digital media company that creates content centered on humanizing technology.


Since our inception, we've worked to make technology more approachable, fascinating, entertaining, and shareable by curating and presenting tech information and engaging edutainment content.


Chairperson - UNHRC GEMS Model United Nations 2022

Drawing on my prior experience and expertise in the Human Rights Council, I was appointed as the Chairperson of the Executive Board for the Model United Nations. It was a valuable experience as I facilitated discussions and gained insights into the perspectives of diverse delegates on the pressing agenda of  “Potential Human Rights Infringements due to Technological Developments”.  


Vice President - Student Council 2021

As Vice-President of the Student Council, I stepped up as a leader and conducted meetings in the President's absence. I acted as a liaison between the students and the council and administration, effectively conveying student opinions and suggestions.

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Vice President - Student Council 2020

As a dedicated member of the Student Council, I played a key role in organizing and executing various successful events such as the Annual Proficiency Ceremony, Odyssey, Literature Festival, and our first online Art Gallery. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the shift to online classes, I worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of the council and support students in need. I took on leadership responsibilities, including acting as Vice-President, and effectively communicated students' suggestions and concerns to the council and administration.

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As the House Captain of Pegasus, I led the Blue House in various inter-house competitions. By recognizing each student's unique talents, I ensured equal participation and helped bring out the best in the team. Through our hard work and collaborative efforts, we were able to secure the title of the Best House.

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