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These are the projects, I have worked on with the idea of Sustainable Development. I believe in Kaizen & hence the need of sustainability is required.


This Arduino-UNO powered home security system combines precision with convenience. Using PIR and LDR sensors, it ensures prompt intrusion detection while optimizing energy usage. Dual-purpose lighting and audible alarms enhance its effectiveness, providing a user-friendly, customizable solution that promotes both safety and sustainable living.

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Arduino UNO based system to detect the moisture content in soil and the atmospheric humidity and temperature. The system controlled a motor pump that irrigated the fields as per the required moisture content of the crop. The system sent messages to the person through GSM module. This is made to prevent Soil Erosion & Degradation.


Arduino UNO based system saves water by Turning Off the tap automatically while a person rubs their hand with soap and then Turns On for specific time required to rinse their hand. This model ensures that a person washes their hand for proper duration and conserves the water


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AatmaNirbhar Railway For Water

This is a research-based project to conserve the AC condensed water with special emphasis on the Indian Railways. Indian Railways has one of the largest rail networks in the world and in capable of conserving 7.3 billion liters of water Annually and distribute it after treatment to the remote areas, The project does not involve much addition cost instead cuts down the Railway water bills.


Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Arduino based system that dispense sanitizer without touch with the help of IR and Ultrasonic Sensor. To prevent the spread of COVID-19.



This is a stick for assisting the visually impaired. This microcontroller-based system with the help of IR sensor and Ultrasonic sensor informs the person about a sudden hole in front or object for safe mobility through a buzzer.


Noise Indicator

This system was to check the sound levels in the surroundings. This system was controlled by the Arduino Uno.

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