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Research Paper

These are the projects, I have worked on with the idea of Sustainable Development. I believe in Kaizen & hence the need of sustainability is required.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells & Green Economy

Carbon dioxide emissions are a big issue contributing to the pollution levels of Earth. Sector wise, the power industry is the leading factor with 41.4% followed by transport which is contributing 32.9%. To solve the problem, the green economy is a concept evolving and gaining attention worldwide, the concept focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Hydrogen is such a carbon-free fuel that can help to achieve the targets of the green economy and the best means to store energy for a long time.


Arduino UNO based system to detect the moisture content in soil and the atmospheric humidity and temperature. The system controlled a motor pump that irrigated the fields as per the required moisture content of the crop. The system sent messages to the person through GSM module. This is made to prevent Soil Erosion & Degradation.


AatmaNirbhar Railway For Water

This is a research-based project to conserve the AC condensed water with special emphasis on the Indian Railways. Indian Railways has one of the largest rail networks in the world and in capable of conserving 7.3 billion liters of water Annually and distribute it after treatment to the remote areas, The project does not involve much addition cost instead cuts down the Railway water bills.

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